Most enviable and glamorous women’s necklaces

Every woman always aims at getting a glamorous necklace to complete their outfit. Here are some of the most enviable and glamorous women necklaces.

Festoon Necklace

Festoon necklace is being a staple design in almost every woman’s wardrobe. Though it dates back to centuries, it still amongst the most glamorous necklaces.

Festoon necklaces consist of interwoven threads of chain and other elements to a draping necklace. This design of necklaces is often identified by its draping elements and through the Art Nouveau and Victorian eras designs featured in the necklace. These necklaces are accented with pearls, gemstones, and other precious metals.

Princess Necklace

Just as the necklace bears a beautiful name it is one of the most flattering pieces for a woman to wear. Princess necklace is a classic and elegant necklace that tends to gracefully position on the collarbone. It is mostly accented with precious gemstones, slender vintage shapes and an eye-catching drop point.

Princess necklace is normally reserved for formal events though one could pair it with a blazer or a V-neck combination if wanted.

Statement Necklace

Attention is mostly what a statement necklace is meant to seek. It is popular for its big and bold designs. It is often chunky and heavy but it is still amongst the glamorous women necklaces and the major point for a statement necklace is for it never to go unnoticed.

A statement necklace varies in size but it is most cases collar length. This necklace is not everyday wear but when worn with the correct outfit it always gives that glamorous look.

Bib Necklace

Bib necklace consists of different layered chains or a single large element that sits on the chest covering up the entire breastbone. Bib necklaces got geometric designs and bold colors.

Bib necklaces are popular high-end jewelry designs but are mostly expensive. This necklace design leaves quite an impression and will always make you stand out in any occasion.

Long Necklace

Long necklaces are single strand chains often with a 75cm length. Long necklaces normally fall between the lower burst and bellybutton. They do have a vintage charm and a flirtatious charm which is compatible for an everyday outfit.

Long necklace is a must-have jewelry in your jewelry box since it will never go out of style and is almost appropriate for every outfit.

Beaded Necklace

Beaded necklace never go out of style despite them being popular from ancient times. Women still rock with beaded necklaces made from various materials like glass beads, crystal beads, clay beads and coral beads.

Some of the most enviable amongst this design of necklace include pearl and graduated necklaces.

Beaded necklaces are often blended with casual dresses or even t-shirts.

Collar/Choker Necklace

Collar necklaces are trendy necklaces not only for teenagers as people tend to believe but for every woman. Collar necklaces are suitable for both formal and casual affairs. They can be made from smooth velvet to precious metals. Some choker necklaces do have a pendant at the center while others are just simple designs.

Choker necklaces tend to blend with almost every neckline from turtle necks, off the shoulder tops or even V-neck.