Tips for buying beautiful jewelry

Buying jewelry can be overwhelming, and it’s not always as easy as it seems, but with a little preparation, you can find a real gem. Here are some of the tips which can help you acquire a beautiful Jewelry:

Shop with a pro and someone you trust

While purchasing your jewelry you should find a trustworthy jeweler. You can pick one by talking to several of them and ask similar questions to each of them then choose the one who feels right. You can also check your jewelry store’s reputation with your family and friends who are familiar with it. Also, always remember if a deal sounds too good to be true, then you should probably reject it.

Discover your style

While choosing a piece of perfect jewelry for yourself, always determine the kind of personal style that you like. For instance, one should look out on what their wardrobe looks like. Is it conservative with heels and suits or more casual Friday wear, or do you tend to wear feminine things, or is your wardrobe more minimalist and sporty? It is important to answer such questions while buying a piece of jewelry since you will want it to perfectly match what you wear. You will be happier if you choose your jewelry based on your style and lifestyle.

Silver is timeless

We have always been taught to aim for the gold and not settle for silver, but silver is what’s trendy. This could be partly because gold prices are running so high, but there is still a perfect look that comes with silver. Always go for products which are 92.5% silver (known as sterling silver 925) and avoid Nickel, which can sometimes be harmful to your skin & health.

Give pearls a whirl

Pearls’ jewels are classy and relatively affordable. Pearls are of three different kinds; natural, cultured, and imitated. Few natural pearls are available in the market; therefore, most pearls used in jewelry are either cultured or imitated pearls. Cultured pearls are always more expensive than imitated pearls.

Pearls are evaluated in accordance to shape, size, blemishes, and luster. Also, consider the nacre or the skin of the pearl. If the pearl has been cultivated in the oyster for a shorter period, thin nacre can lose its luster rapidly.

Always ensure you examine the quality of the peals so that you make an intelligent decision.

Avoid prestigious brand names

The biggest brands in jewelry are usually the most sought after, but at times they are not always worth the premium. Some of these brand names are not any better than the no-name variety.

Therefore, if you cannot find any specific jewelry craftsmanship features besides the brand name, it means you are overpaying.

Find a real gem

Gemstones will never run out of style but always ensure you get the right one. Gems could be synthetic, that is, made in a laboratory or imitated. Synthetics are much affordable because of their availability. Synthetic does not imply that they are fake; it is just that they are made from the laboratory, unlike imitation, which are colored bits of plastics. Always watch out for synthetic gemstones, which are just as impressive as the natural ones and can be a great alternative.