Top 5 asked questions about Sterling Silver 925

If you’ve ever heard about sterling silver and wonder what sterling silver exactly is, we’ve got some answers & interesting facts for you. Below you will find top 5 frequently asked questions & answers about sterling silver 925.

What is sterling silver 925?

Sterling silver is a white-grey colored metal, which is 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, typically copper. The 92.5% sterling silver is usually stamped with 925. Pure silver (“Ag” on the table of elements) is very soft as a metal. Copper or other metals are added to give more strength & make each jewelry piece more durable. Sterling silver 925 is less expensive than solid gold, but more than stainless steel or brass. 

Is sterling silver hypoallergenic?

Pure silver is a hypoallergenic precious metal. This means, it doesn’t cause allergies or reactions. As we’ve learned above, sterling silver is made with 92,5% of pure silver & 7,5% of other metals, typically copper. Copper is a hypoallergenic metal too.

When most people have allergies to metal, it’s because of nickel. The possibility of having nickel in the sterling silver alloy makes your jewelry piece non-hypoallergenic. 

Does sterling silver tarnish?

The short answer is yes, sterling silver tarnishes. Tarnish means to discolor the surface of a piece of metal and is caused due to oxidation, perfumes, salt & sulfur. Although, when worn every day, there is a very high chance, that your sterling silver jewelry piece will last forever without tarnishing. This happens because e.g. when you wash your hands, your bracelets, or rings will be cleaned as well. The same goes for the neck and necklaces.

How to clean sterling silver?

With the time passing, sterling silver jewelry may tarnish or lose its shine. But don’t worry, we got you. Sterling silver is considered a precious metal and therefore, you can make it shine again. We strongly believe & highly recommend only these two ways. 

Silver polishing cloth

This is a simple cloth with polish in it, which removes tarnish very quickly & brightens up your jewelry piece as if new. All you need to do is polish your jewelry for around one minute with the cloth and that’s it. You can purchase a polishing cloth almost from any online marketplace. We give one away in every order for free. 

Silver polishing liquid / cream

This is one of the most professional ways to clean your jewelry. These liquids are specifically made for cleaning sterling silver. You just need to put your jewelry inside the liquid bottle/package & wait a couple of seconds (specific instructions are given from the manufacturer). Finally wipe off the liquid from the jewelry and that’s it. There are a variety of these compounds, so please do your research before making a purchase.

Can you shower while wearing sterling silver 925 jewelry?

The short answer is yes, you can shower with your sterling silver jewelry on. We also recommend to wear & wash your jewelry on a regular basis.

You should only be careful, when your jewelry piece has lots of stones & is plated with rosegold or gold color. The stones may fall off & the color may wear off quicker than usual. This is also the main reason why we are mostly offering sterling silver jewelry in silver color and stoneless.