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Unusual wedding ring designs

Your engagement ring is not the only special ring you are going to wear on your wedding day. Your wedding ring should just be aa special. Long gone are those days of using the usual perfect circular bands. Now several designs will make a mark on your special wedding ring. When it is about picking a unique and unusual wedding ring, it is important to focus on the little details that will bring the difference.

The design will bring the unusual feature you are seeking, even more than the metal type used. It is always beautiful to celebrate your wedding with some uniqueness. Here are the most unusual wedding ring designs you could go for.

Diamond Crown and Band

The diamond crown and band are made to complete your special wedding day! This unique ring is a product of the top-rated jewelry maker, Etsy. The design is loved and envied by everyone. It is perfect for your fairy tale wedding.

Art Deco Wedding Band

A beautiful art deco wedding band has a charming and decorated pattern engraved at the top of the band.

Fingerprint Rings

What’s more beautiful than sealing your wedding with customized fingerprint rings? These handcrafted rings appear so romantic and yet made unique with your fingerprints on them.

Love Knot Wedding Band

You are tying the knot, why not go for this beautiful design? The love knot wedding band appears special to match the occasion. This design will drive attention sitting next to your engagement ring.

Half Eternity Wedding Ring with Pearls

There are unusual wedding ring designs that use pearls. That is exactly why this ring design is perfect and will make your choice look unusual and unique. If pearls are good, then you will make a hit with this design.

Harry Potter inspired Wedding Band

There will always be die-hards for Harry Potter. If Harry Potter means something to you, then this is your design. It would make a perfect match for both of you on your special day.

Sapphire Wedding Rings

Whether blue, pink, or yellow, sapphire rings make an enduring first choice since they are hard and resistant to scratches. You can go for the one that match your partner's birthstone to show special love.

Antique Wedding Bands

These wedding rings feature details that are unusual in wedding rings like the engraving designs. Besides, they have colored gemstones and pearls around the band.

Classic Channel Set Band

The classic channel set band is a clean set design that features alternating step-cut carre diamonds. It gives you a clean and flashy appearance that will be the center of attention.

Heart themed Wedding Ring

The heart themed wedding ring comes in a matching set to bring happiness to you, and the loved one. They bring the ultimate symbol of love when you say the I Dos.

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