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Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Her Rare Pieces Of Jewelry

Bethenny Frankel seems to like never leaving anything behind. From making a name in the Big Apple as a reality TV star, author, and an entrepreneur, launching her new podcast show “Just B With Bethenny Frankel,” where she covers topics like love and relationship, investment, and parenting, and food. 

Bethenny is arguably an all-round, and her jewelry game is on another level.

On the latest episode of Precious Metal from Marie Claire, Frankel shows off some of the rarest pieces of jewelry that she owns.

In the YouTube Video, displaying her glamorous closet, she begins by saying that she loves jewelry and owns the ones that not everyone else has.

Bethenny then shows off a gold necklace and some of the rarest Rolex watches, which she says are hard to find since the series was discontinued. To be specific, Rolex Hulk and Rolex Daytona.

Like she is not yet done, she also shows off a pearl necklace from Paspaley, the largest provider of pearls in the whole world. She says she met with the owners of the company to design this necklace.

“I could go on for days,” she says before finishing it off with a diamond ring she bought with her own money.

“No need, no man for no ring. That’s not true. Men can buy me a ring too.”

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