Cardi B Filed For Divorce From Offset Just To “Teach Him A Lesson.” – SELFO

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Cardi B Filed For Divorce From Offset Just To “Teach Him A Lesson.”

Two months after the WAP singer filed a divorce from her husband Offset, Cardi B now says she did it just to teach him a lesson; and it worked. This is after Offset reportedly tried hard to win her back.

Offset purchased a billboard space that read, “Happy Birthday Mommy. Love, Kulture”. Cardi shared the video on Instagram and captioned “Thank you, sir 😏😏😏. Love it.” The two were later seen working through their issues at the birthday party.

“It is hard not to talk to your best friend,” she posted on Social media.This is not the first time the two are having a rocky time in their relationship. In 2018, Offset crashed Cardi B’s live performance with a “Take Me Back Cardi” floral arrangement.

In her two audio clips she posted on Twitter, Cardi revealed the reason behind filing a divorce from Offset.

“If I want to go to an extreme to teach a lesson and file for divorce, I could do that. It is my life. I’m not getting an abuse,” she said.

Looks like things are working out again for them and best wishes to them!

Source: BuzzFeed

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