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Cardi B Tells Off Her Haters After Winning Billboard's 2020 Woman Of The Year Award

The "Bodak Yellow" singer yesterday told off some of her backlashes who were claiming that she shouldn't have won the Billboard Woman of the year title.

“Thank you, Billboard! Now I can bring up the stats but that will take me all day,” she captioned.

On an Instagram video posted on Wednesday 18, dressed in a bathrobe and a headband, the star explained why she deserved the title. She boasted of her song having the most number of streams and because she does what most of her haters can't do.



She also went on to explain her political activism saying that she used her own money and time to fly around and support political candidates like Bernie Sanders. Cardi also said that she is representing America and that is what she likes.

 In the video, the singer also thanked her loyal fans; the "BARDIGANG," for encouraging her and supporting her when everyone else was against her.

“Thank you BARDIGANG without y’all encouraging while the world 🌍 was against me and criticizing every move I wouldn’t have gotten here every day and use my voice for a change.”

Cardi B has also been recently campaigning against racism.

She also seem to have softened her heart and allowed her ex-husband, Offset back to her life. Cardi will be honored at the Billboards  2020 Women in Music Event on December 10th along with E- People's Choice Award Winner  Jennifer Lopez and the coronavirus vaccine hero Dolly Parton.

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