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Celebrities Who Tested Positive For The Coronavirus And Recovered

COVID-19 has been a talk of 2020, with the pandemic sweeping all over the world, claiming more than 1.2 million deaths and infecting more than 47 million individuals. The virus has infected people from different social classes, celebrities, world leaders, athletes, without boundaries. These celebrities came out public just to tell you that being infected is not the end of everything, that you can get the virus and recover just like them.

Idris and Sabrina Elba

On March 16, Idris posted a video on Twitter, announcing that he had contacted the virus after interacting with a friend who had the symptoms. A week later, on March 21, his wife, Sabrina

Dhowre revealed that she had also tested positive for the COVID-19, after “making a decision to keep interacting with Idris.”

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Source: BBC

On March 11, Tom Hanks shared the news on Instagram that he and Rita tested positive. As soon as they knew they were positive, they kept themselves in isolation and followed the advice of experts.

Orga Kurylenko

Source: CNN

Known for playing Camille in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, Olga announced on March 15 that she had tested positive. On her Instagram post, she said she had felt fever and fatigue for a week.

Callum Hudson Odoi

The Chelsea player announced on March 13 that he had recovered from the virus, a week after the club announced that he had tested positive.

Boris Johnson

The U.K Prime Minister announced on March 27, that he had developed mild symptoms and tested positive for the coronavirus. He immediately went into self-isolation and continued to carry on his roles through video conferencing.


Source: ET Canada

On Friday, April 3, the Popstar announced that she had tested positive together with her three-year-old son Jameson and had recovered. She donated $500,000 to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in honor of her mother who worked there for 18 years. Pink donated an additional $500,000 to the LA Mayor’s Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

“The Rock”

Source: Essentially Sports

Dwayne Johnson posted a video message on Instagram, informing his fans that he and his wife, Lauren Hashian and their two daughters had contacted the virus. He said they had contacted the virus from family friends whom they interacted with.

President Trump and The First Lady

Source: NBC News

On October 1, news broke that the US president and the first lady Melania Trump had tested positive. Their son, Barron tested negative.

Prince Charles and Prince William

Source: The Telegraph

On April, CNN announced that the heir to the British throne Prince Charles had tested positive but his wife Camilla tested negative. 

Also, the second in line, Prince William, secretly battled the virus at the same time with his father, as reported by The Sun.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Source: Sky Sports

On October 13, the Portuguese Soccer Federation confirmed that the Football star and Juventus forward had tested positive without symptoms, and is in isolation.

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