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Football and Jewelry: The Late Maradona Was A Fan Of Jewelry

November 25, 2020, will be remembered as the day the world lost a football legend. The football player of the century (1900-2000). Maradona was the greatest player at his prime. His friend and Brazilian football legend, Pele has described him as a man who did things that no one could think was possible. He even scored a goal with his hand that won Argentina their second world cup. He later described the incident as “Hand of God.”

Additionally, his goal against England in 1986 is regarded as the greatest World Cup goal.

Although Maradona will be greatly remembered as a football legend, there is something else that set him apart. He loved pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, chains, and rings. He even wore some to the pitch as seen in some of his photos.

Even at his old age, he would still wear them and was rarely seen without rings. He was pictured lifting the golden World Cup trophy with his right hand, while wearing a golden ring on his left.



Maradona has died at the age of 60. He played 490 club games scoring 259 goals. He also played 91 games for Argentina and scored 34 goals.

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