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Hailey Baldwin Has This Initial Tattooed On Her Ring Finger

Hailey Baldwin wants you to know that her relationship with Justin Bieber is permanent. The two continue to be couple goals. Hailey has tattooed Justin’s initials on her ring finger.

With many lovers counting the wedding ring to be enough, she has taken the game higher to show her love and commitment.

Hailey was tattooed by Mr. K, a tattoo artist from Bang Bang Tattoo based in New York. The artist later shared his work on their Instagram account, tagging both Hailey and Justin Bieber.

“J is for @justinbieber and Beleza “beauty” in Portuguese. It was a pleasure for your trust in this meaningful piece, @haileybieber. The J initial can easily be noticed alongside her sparkling wedding band on her ring finger.

You can notice that Hailey had another word tattooed, “Beleza.” It was tattooed on the side of her neck.

Just a month ago, the two celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Hailey shared several black and white photos with her IG fans to mark the milestone while captioning, “1 year ago we had the best wedding. Wish I could live that day over and over.”

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