Jennifer Lopez To Launch "JLO Beauty" Skincare Line, Preorders To Begi – SELFO

Jennifer Lopez To Launch "JLO Beauty" Skincare Line, Preorders To Begin On Tuesday, 8.

With different celebrities starting their beauty lines, Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to begin her beauty line, “JLO Beauty.” The star dropped the great news on November 18 and is set to launch on January 1, 2021.
The star said that she had been thinking about starting the beauty line for the past 20 years. Lopez, however, wanted to reach a place where she had enough experience and fully realized beauty.


JLO Beauty is a massive opportunity for fans who have been envying her flawless skin. The star has received many questions about her skincare routine. ‘’ JLO is the hidden gem’’, says Lopez.
Olive oil is her secret ingredient for perfect skin. ‘’ but olive will leave you smelling like a salad, and nobody wants that’’ so she made an oil complex, which creates healthy, long-lasting skin.
She announced her anticipation for the upcoming exclusive first drop in her Instagram feed and told fans to get ready to shop and pre-order as of Tuesday, December 08.


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