Justin Bieber defends his wife Hailey after being bullied on social me – SELFO

Justin Bieber defends his wife Hailey after being bullied on social media

Justin Bieber yesterday slammed a "sad excuse of a human" who had apparently called on Selena Gomez's fans to "go after" his wife, Hailey Bieber. 

In the video that was also shared by the legendary singer, the lady was asking the fans to disrupt the Hailey and Justin's Question and Answer session which was on Thursday.

“Go after her please, let's all go after her,” the lady was heard saying in the video.

However, Justin Bieber replied to the post by SelGo Stan and said, "It is extremely hard for me to choose the high road when I see such kind of people trying to bully the person that I  love most in the world.” 



Hailey, who is apparently the victim in this case also replied to the viral video saying that she keeps quiet about such kinds of social media bullying. She also said that she would never do such to anyone on social media.

Justin and Hailey have been the target of bullying by Selena Gomez's fans ever after getting together. This is after Justin Bieber broke up with Selena Gomez which sparked a lot of heat among the SelGo stans.

This whole drama went on despite Selena Gomez urging her fans to stop creating toxicity and bad blood on social media between her and other celebrities in October 2019. She also added that she would always distance herself from such if it ever happened.

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