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Kamala Harris Has Been A Fan Of Pearl Pieces of Jewelry For Over 3 Decades

Women in politics have favored pearl Jewelry for their pristine nature and symbolism. Nancy Pelosi, Ayana Pressley, and Hillary Clinton have regularly been spotted wearing them. 


Since the announcement of Kamala Harris as the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, many fashion experts have focused on what she is wearing. 

Pearl jewelry seems to be part of her daily outfit, as seen in many of her public photos.


The first image shows that she has been in love with pearl necklaces since 1986, as seen in her graduation photo from Howard University.

 She was a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, which has a legendary story that refers to their founders as the “Twenty Pearls.”


Each new member gets a special badge that has been decorated with twenty pearls during initiation.


These images suggest that she intends to take her Pearl jewelry game to the White House if they win the election.

Harriss’ pearls carry extra meaning to her AKA sisters. It speaks solidarity among them. And for her to make history as the first black woman to ever run on America’s major party’s ticket is a perfect moment for African Americans and women.


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