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Life Beyond Tennis: Serena Williams Is A Business Icon

Most popularly known as the World’s number one tennis player, Serena Williams, 39, is not known for her business activities off the court. However, Serena Williams is a self-made businesswoman with a diversified business portfolio and has even featured in the Forbes 2020 issue of America’s Richest Self-Made Woman. Here are some of the star’s businesses.

S by Serena

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Inspired by the need to seek and face challenges, Serena launched S by Serena in 2018, an e-commerce clothing line for women and the minorities.

Serena Ventures

Started in 2014, Serena Williams Ventures invests in businesses who are changing the world with new ideas and products across different industries.

Serena Williams does not just desire to play tennis for many years to come, she is also hoping to build a successful entrepreneurial story and inspire many women. 

The star is a member of the Board of Directors of Poshmark and SurveyMonkey. She has a jewelry line and invested in an Indonesian cofeE-line Kopi Kenangan.

She does not stop there, she has invested in the American Football team Miami Dolphins and UFC.

The four-time Olympic Gold medalist does not just shine on the court, her passion and determination also ensures that she grows and works effortlessly, and turning into a bigger brand.

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