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Selfo Buyer’s Guide: Best Selling Earrings This Christmas Season

Turning this festive season into a glamorous and memorable occasion after a whole different year needs a little bit of love, beauty, and creativity. When you want to be the center of attention in family gatherings and when meeting with friends, wearing sparkling sterling silver earrings will help you achieve it.

This Christmas season, we have identified some of our best selling earrings that you can gift your loved ones and create some sweet memories in such a tough year. Here is our buyer’s guide for the best selling earrings in our stores.

Sterling Silver 925 Hoops Twisted Curvy Earrings 

Only 3 left in stock!

For just $56.17, you can make this pair of twisted and curvy hoop earrings a memorable gift to your loved one, or just glow with it! It is made with Sterling silver 925 and weighs just 3 grams, which makes drive attention to your ear, without feeling heavy.

Hoops Sterling Silver 925 Round Earrings

10% off!

Save $5.62 when you purchase these round hoop earrings now selling at $50.55. Available in medium, large and extra-large sizes for you to choose from. These hoop earrings have been crafted with the finest sterling silver that will display a classy image anytime you wear them. 

Sterling Silver 925 Pearl Drop Earrings

Who won’t take pearls for gifts? These pearl drop earrings will surely give a smile to your loved ones when gifted to them. Made with Sterling silver 25 and finished with a dropping pearl gemstone, this is really a game-changer. And that is why it’s among the best selling earrings from Selfo.

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