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Sotheby's Sells 102-carat Diamond At A Record Price

An exceptionally rare 102.39-carat diamond became the first-ever gem of its kind to be auctioned without a reserve, meaning that the highest bidder would own the diamond, regardless of the bid.

The Sotheby's online auction opened the bidding price for the gem at $0.13, and finally hit a record price and the winning bid of $15.7 Million.

The gem, which attracted more bidders than any other diamond gems of this quality, was won by a telephone bidder from Japan, a private collector.
He immediately named this precious stone "Maiko Star," after his daughter.

It is reported that this same collector participated in Sotheby's auction in 2019 and purchased a diamond that he named "Manami Star," after his eldest daughter.

The oval stone was cut from a rough diamond discovered in Ontario, Canada, in 2018.

Asia's Sotheby's chairman, Patti Wong, said it did not need the help of a reserve to reach its right place, but the desire of collectors to own this magnificent treasure.

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