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The Moment That Life Gave Joe Biden A Second Chance

Since the official results of the November presidential election were announced, the media and the internet have focussed on the Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, her family, outfit, and the great history she just made. Little focus has been given to the man of the moment, the boss, Joe Biden. In fact, in my opinion, both Joe and Kamala have a touching story and experiences along their way to the White House. And Mr. Biden admits that life once gave him a second chance to love.

Having lost his wife and baby daughter at 30, Joe Biden wasn't sure if he had another chance at love until a blind date changed everything. Joe says it gave him back his life since he met Jill Biden and started it all over again.

The two have been married for 43 years now. Speaking at the Democratic National Convention on November 7, Jill, 69, reminded us of the journey since they met and when she started seeing Joe as a potential candidate to the White House. She spoke of her husband as a very strong and committed person. She says that she saw this in 2015 four days after Joe had buried his son Beau Biden who had battled with brain cancer for 2years.

Joe had lost his wife Neilia and daughter Naomi in an accident on Dec 1972 when a tractor-trailer slammed into a station wagon that Neilia used to take her children for Christmas. His two sons Beau and Hunter survived and Joe saw himself being sworn in at the bedside of his surviving sons.

In 1977 he met Dr. Jill and they got married at an event presided by a Catholic priest and attended by 40 guests in New York. On his 78th birthday, Joe said marrying Jill “gave him back his life" as he saw a chance of starting a new family all over. 


Dr. Jill speaks of having met a gentleman when she first met Joe Biden. and says that back then she could not imagine that she would be one to reunite a broken family.

The two are also partners in Biden's foundation which champions the rights of women. They also have 7 grandchildren.

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