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The “Ring Finder” Helps Actor Jon Cryer Find His Lost Wedding Ring

Chris Turner, “The Ring Finder,” has been making people “put a smile” back on their face by helping them find their lost jewelry for the past 30 years.

During the weekend, he found a big one! Actor Jon Cryer’s wedding ring.

Cryer, popularly known for his role in the film “Two and a Half Men,”  was in Vancouver on work duties, filming another movie when he lost the wedding ring on Friday night along the seawall under the Cambie Street bridge, near Cooper's Park. 

The star searched online for any service that could help him find his 12-year old ring and found Turner, The Ring Finder.

With a 95% chance that it may have rolled into the ocean, or have been picked by people walking or riding along the seawall, Turner began his search for the lost treasure. 

He used his metal detectors to search on the thin strip of grass between the two walkways, where he found the ring lying and gave it back to Cryer.


Both could not hide their joy as Jon Cryer shared on his Tweeter Thread, while Chris posted the video in his YouTube account.

Turner says he has recovered more than 7,000 items over the past eleven years and lets people pay him what they think he deserves.

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