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This 14-Carat Purple-pink Diamond Is Up For Sale In Geneva

Sotheby’s auction house has announced that it will offer a diamond jewel nicknamed “The Spirit Of The Rose” at its next auction. The auction is set to take place on the 11th day of November in Geneva.

The stone is predicted to sell for between $23 million and $38 million.

Last week’s auction in Hong Kong saw a 102.39k flawless diamond sell for $15.7 million, a price lower than the previous stones sold.

“The spirit of the Rose which was mined in Russia some years ago was in 2019, predicted to be sold for $60 million, a price well higher than it’s current estimated value.

With the mine that produces the highest number of pink diamonds in the world (Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Australia) set to close by the end of this year, this precious stone is predicted to be highly contested by the collectors. It is also the largest of its kind to be auctioned.

Sotheby's will have an exhibition of the Spirit of the Rose in Hong Kong, Oct. 13 and 14, In Singapore, Oct. 20 and 21, and Taipei on Oct. 27 and 28, before displaying it in Geneva between November 7 and 10.

It will then be auctioned on November 11.


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