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This Ring Has 7,801 Diamonds; A Guinness World Record

In Hyderabad, a jeweler has won the Guinness World Record for embedding a ring with 7,801 diamonds, the highest in history.

Kotti Srikanth, a jeweler with the Diamond Store, Chandubhai, designed this world's record-breaking ring and named it “The Divine-7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam.”

The diamond ring is an inspiration from a scarce flower “Brahma Kamalam” that is regarded as extraordinarily pure and used for religious purposes. It is also thought to have medicinal properties. The ring’s first concept was in 2018, and took around 11 months to make the ring. However, the diamond ring was first unveiled at the beginning of this month. The diamond ring has six layers, with eight petals surrounding each layer.

Last year, the makers of the ring submitted it to the Guinness World Record. After multiple verifications, the ring has bestowed the honor of the ”Most Diamonds Set in One Ring.”Authorities made sure that the diamonds used were pure and free from conflicts.

The Guinness World Information Facebook Web page shared a video showing the method and the work that was done to create the masterpiece.

‘’I am very honored for the Guinness World Information for acknowledging my passion for creating unique pieces. It gives me great delight to be awarded at a global level for an artwork I created.’’ ANI quoted Srikanth.

A 16-year-old girl is also set to have a name written with the likes of Albert Einstein in the Guinness World Record. The Karnataka girl, Aaadi Swaroopa, has the potential to write in two languages using her two hands simultaneously. The girl says she can write in Kannada and English all at the same time. She intends to add this capability to her two records already in the Guinness Record. 

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