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Where To Find Online Course For Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you are a retailer or a wholesaler but do not have any gemological and laboratory background, you can now learn about lab-grown diamonds online, if you are interested in the industry. The Gemological Science International (GSI) is offering “Lab-Grown Diamonds Essentials,” an online course to help you learn about this industry.

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The course covers the basics about lab-grown diamonds such as its history, growth and production techniques, terminologies, how you can identify or detect them. The course costs $100. GSI are specialists and have made notable discoveries in the lab-grown diamonds industry since 2005 when it was founded in New York.

“There exists a lot of information about lab-grown diamonds: from growth methods, treatments, color, inclusions, to other factors, which make it different from the naturally occurring diamonds,” said Debbie Azzar, the President and Cofounder of the GSI.

To learn more about the “Lab-Grown Diamonds Essentials” course, you can send an email to edu@gemscience.net  

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