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About Us

We TRULY thank you for your interest in us and our shop. In this page you will find:
  • 1. Who we are
  • 2. Materials we use
  • 2.1 Jewelry
  • 2.2 Packaging
selfo founders

1. Who we are

Founded in November 2018, SELFO is a small business based in Dresden, Germany & is currently managed by me (Ilda) and my fiancé (Gerald).

We are studying industrial engineering in Dresden and would like to develop further in the jewelry industry after graduating. Our long-term goal at SELFO is to offer our community the best quality silver jewelry at the best prices.

To ensure there is no middle man between us, we work very closely with our suppliers & have built great personal relationships. Therefore, each jewel will be made of sustainable materials at fair working conditions.

For any concern regarding product quality, service and/or delivery, each customer will be able to get a response ASAP. Please send your inquiry using the "Contact Us" section at the end of the page. We would be more than happy to answer any question you may have about SELFO, or our jewelry in general as well.

Whether elegant & high-quality women's necklaces, earrings or bracelets made of sterling silver 925, every fashion-conscious lady will find the right piece of jewelry at our little shop.

Do you have questions about SELFO or jewelry in general? We are happy to answer all your questions and would be happy if you contact us.

2. Materials we use

It's all about you. We wouldn't be able to build our company without your trust. This is why we feel responsible for what we offer. Below you will find a brief, yet informative description about the materials we use for the jewelry & the packaging.

2.1 Jewelry

We use sterling silver as a base metal in every jewelry piece no matter if necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings. Many pieces of our jewelry are designed and made of different stones as well. 

This is a white-grey colored metal, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This percentage is usually stamped with 925. The mix is made in order to make the resulting compound more durable and less soft. Our jewelry is made of recycled sterling silver & can be recycled again. This way we can help our environment, protect our planet resources and remain sustainable.

2.2 Packaging

We believe in global warming and we want to find the best solutions to protect our environment. Therefore, we've voluntarily joined the global movement to reduce plastic pollution. We ensure you, that the shipping package will be 99% plastic free.

Our jewelry comes with its cardboard (paper) box, or pouch made of cloth. We also use paper for the gift wrapping & the packaging material.